About ASA Learning Hub

The ASA Learning Hub has been designed to provide dedicated online (blended) learning programs and assessment materilas for units of competency from the Australian automotive training packages.

These blended learning programs provide the learner with tools to develop their required knowledge along with formative assessments.

A model assessment tool for on-the-job practical assessments has been provided for use by assessors.

The primary principles used in the design of these resources bring together a broad range of instructional and interactive learning to ensure that the programs engage learners and provide high quality learning outcomes that are prescribed within a dedicated unit of competency.

Linking your eLearning site with an ASA Learnign Hub program (LMS < > LMS)

You are able to create a deep link to an ASA Learning Hub learning program and launch it from your own learning management system. To do so use the following steps:

1. Create an account and login to the ASA Learning Hub

2. Register in your chosen learning program

3. Copy the URL (i.e. http://asalearninghub.com.au/course/view.php?id=4)

4. Paste the URL as a resource into your Learning Management System (LMS)

Note: Learners will be taken to the ASA Learning Hub login/account screen where they will need to login and then be taken directly to the selected learning program.

ASA Learning Hub Assistance

If you require assistance with the ASA Learning Hub or any of its learning programs please email assist@asalearninghub.com.au

Please note: We will only reply to emails that genuinely require assistance.