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The following steps will show you how to create a new ASA Learning Hub account then locate, register and complete an automotive learning program.

STEP 1 – Create an ASA Learning Hub Account

Select “NEW ACCOUNT” and fill in all required details. You will then need to check your email to confirm your new account.

Note: With some email systems you may need to check your junk mail folder.

STEP 2 – Login and Locate a Learning Program

Browse the ASA Learning Hub to learn about the available automotive learning programs or search for a specific learning program using the search tool i.e. Enter AURC272003A

STEP 3 – Register and Complete a Learning Program

To complete a learning program you will need to register then access all sections. For assessment activities to unlock you will need to complete their previous learning parts. Under You Progress a tick will appear after successful completion.

Learning Parts and Learning Checks:
All learning programs have been designed to be completed in parts, where each part has topics and learning checks.

Learning checks have been placed throughout a learning program to help gauge your knowledge before commencing a new topic.

Assessment Activities:
Assessment activities have been designed to be completed by the learner in an automotive workplace or simulated workplace.

Online knowledge assessments are available to assess your underpinning knowledge of the unit of competency. After successful completion a certificate with your name and a unique code will be generated as an online document or for print.

Other Things You Should Know

Assessor Guides:
Assessment guides and tools are only provided to support competency based assessment within Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and automotive workplaces. It is important to note that Auto Skills Australia is NOT an RTO and will NOT be part of any assessment process. This is the responsibility of the RTO.

Learning programs are provided as a free resource to the Australian public, automotive industry and RTOs so your feedback is important. Auto Skills Australia will continually use your feedback to improve its learning programs for future learners.

Updating Details:
To view and update your details or password select your username from the login section on the home page.